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SixtyTwo MarcKet features innovative, farm-fresh cuisine in a crisp, tasteful, farmhouse atmosphere. The cuisine is not limited to any type of cuisine. Chefs use a combination of cooking techniques and flavor profiles to bring the best of the season. 

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Spring Delights Menu
Apr 2024 - Jun 2024

Savor the vibrant flavors of Spring into Summer with our latest menu, a celebration of nature's peak seasonal bounty. At SixtyTwo MarcKet, our commitment to farm-to-table cuisine means showcasing the finest locally-sourced ingredients at their prime.


This menu transition invites you to experience the luscious tropical notes of Hawaiian mango in our creamy sweet crepes and zingy shrimp salad. Discover the earthy warmth of Maui's famous Kalo (taro) root transformed into a rustic kalua pork hash and crispy garlic croutons adorning a fresh Caesar. Indulge in the verdant essence of tender Wailuku asparagus spears complementing a light smoked salmon omelet.


From exotic mushroom "cheesesteak" renditions to sun-ripened tomato bruschetta, each dish highlights peak seasonal ingredients to delight your palate.


Join us for a true taste of Spring into Summer on Maui.

SixtyTwo MarcKet goes beyond a kitchen; it is a market, featuring housemade items and local farmer products too. Chefs crafted a selection of spices, rubs, and sauces using locally-grown vegetables and herbs. The goal is to make the most of the local products, so everyone can enjoy the best of every preparation of the herbs and spices, whether they experience them in a dish, get them as gifts, or take them to savor at home.


2021 County of Maui Mayor's Small Business Awards


2022 Maui No Ka ʻOi Magazine 'Aipono Awards

  • Best Business Lunch - Silver

  • Best Breakfast


2023 Maui No Ka ʻOi Magazine 'Aipono Awards

  • Best Business Lunch - Gold

  • Best Breakfast - Silver

  • Best Innovative Menu - Honorable Mention

  • Best Farm-to-Table - Honorable Mention

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